We're committed to making our shoots as sustainable as possible. 

We work with the Woodland Trust & Carbon Aware Productions to carbon offset all of our shoots. 

As well as providing reusable bottles & coffee cups, we operate a 'No Single Use Plastic' rule on set.

Any leftovers from catering will be available for teams to take home, to eradicate any food waste.

We encourage all teams to use public transport.

We ask clients that printing is to be avoided where possible.

*Note that due to COVID-19 we have had to adapt our sustainability measures. Please get in touch to find out more.



Coming from a position of white privilege, we acknowledge that it is our responsibility to push for a culture of inclusivity within the creative industry.

We have introduced three key checks to our production process, to ensure that we're keeping to our commitment.

1. Talent: Have we offered equal opportunities across the shoot team? Is our talent pool inclusive? Is it constantly updated with amazing  photographers, stylists, HMU artists and creatives from all backgrounds?

2. Models: Is the casting brief fair? If not, have we discussed this with client & been vocal with the team about our values?

3. Education: Are we constantly & actively learning about how to improve inclusivity, and sharing this information amongst our peers?

We've also chosen to split regular donations between three different charities that are rooted in the improvement of education in the UK:

The Black Curriculum, Stephen Lawrence Trust, & Little Box of Books.

We’re inspired by so many people who are using their voices and making change. We stand with you.


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Mastini Productions

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